Some Days, It’s Tough to be A Super Bowl Player


Yesterday, I was shopping at an empty Costco, not realizing that the Super Bowl had already begun, and by 6:30 start time, they meant 6:30 Eastern. Don’t worry, the game was recording.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t much of a game.

After finally settling in to watch some football, after all the hype, all the excitement, I found—as did everyone watching—a remarkably one-sided thrashing using every method a team could use to score points. Alas.

Well, it wasn’t alas for the Seahawks, a team from the Land of the Forgotten Late-Draft Football Players who showed us a thing or two about tenacity.

I couldn’t help but wonder at Peyton Manning’s state of mind through the whole affair, watching what he can do best in the world suddenly not go right, no matter what he did to try to fix it.

I think we all know what that’s like, don’t we?

Only most of us don’t have to work through it with millions upon millions watching. Not being a famous bajillionaire has its upsides.

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