Taking in the Dinosaurs


Sometimes I look at a goose and think you can almost just see a dinosaur, a scaled-down version, here in our modern world. They way they move; their necks; that sharp glint in their eyes. It makes me wonder how scientists didn’t see it all along, the connection between birds and dinosaurs.

It’s right there.

Now there is evidence that Tyrannosaurus rex, that (arguably) most fearsome of creatures among fearsome creatures was, in fact, related to chickens. Chickens.

Imagine that coming down in the world. Chickens don’t seem terribly fearsome at all. It’s like the tough guy, the neighborhood baddie, the guy who sends everyone into fits of shivers when they see him being uncovered as a closet rubber band collector. Not very scary.

Unless the guy is 40 feet long. Then his hobby probably doesn’t sound funny, no matter how silly it is.

It makes me think what mystery there is in this world, and how many answers are directly in front of us that we just can’t see.


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