Ellen Gently Rocked the Oscars


So I guess I enjoyed the Oscars. I say “I guess,” because, for the first time in years, I watched them from beginning to end (granted, with some use of the fast-forward button. It was getting late), despite telling myself, repeatedly, to go to bed.

I mean, Ellen ordered pizza. I had to see if anyone was going to eat it. And there was the picture that broke Twitter. Nothing, itself, was epic (except, well, the musical performances, more below), but it all added up to entertaining.

Ellen kept the show moving and still brought humor even to small moments, and without the fussy production numbers, the musical guests carried that aspect of the show. Which, when you think about it, makes sense, they should.

Pharrell’s “Happy,” had me grinning enough to make me sad for myself that the performance was the high point of my day. In fact, I don’t usually add links to my Bits posts, but because it’s Monday, and because everyone can use a little happiness, here’s the video. Actually that page has all of them. Make sure to see Pink’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” which was incredible, and Idina Menzel singing the Oscar-winning “Let it Go.” There’s a reason that woman is a Broadway fixture.

Overall, it just had a more human feel to it this year. There was none of that usual sense that the show was broadcast from Mount Olympus, brought to us by favor of the gods. It was just fun. And that’s all Ellen.


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