Anything but a Quiet Sunday in Chicago


So there was a police standoff on Lake Shore Drive yesterday. For nine hours, police and a man wanted for the murder of his wife in Georgia closed the Drive, while the man refused to get out of his smashed car.

For parts of Sunday, the Drive was completely filled with cars southbound, inching forward, going where, I don’t know. The northbound lanes were still and quiet.

And then the entire Drive was closed, not a car in either direction. It’s happened before, during that snowstorm when people abandoned their cars because they couldn’t get through. It’s a very strange thing.

There was this major artery of Chicago, and yet not a single car in either direction. You could stroll across it, if you wanted, stand in the middle and not even look both ways (though I wouldn’t recommend it, no doubt for emergency vehicles, it was very much open).

Finally, police used a flash grenade to disorient the suspect, and he was arrested. I think he was in the hospital at last report.

Not what you’d expect from a Sunday afternoon.


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