Book a Flight to Exile


Call it the Arnold Palmer of books, a blend of sci-fi and fantasy (I mean the half-lemonade, half-iced tea drink, not the golfer. Who, I think invented the drink. Terribly confusing). You can take a distant-future adventure from your recliner. The beverage is optional.

Flight To Exile by Chris Reher. Amazon for $3.95. “A great combination of Sci-fi and Fantasy” by the author of the Targon Tales series.

It’s been a millennium since the migration from Earth. A powerful, puzzling substance found on a distant planet and its moons has given rise to a new breed of human.

Two Homeworld agents, brothers Galen and Chor, are sent to the moon to rescue a young woman who is being hunted as a renegade by a primitive society. But their simple assignment turns into a fight for survival when they oppose the will of their own ruthless leader. And soon not only the mysterious exiles living on the second moon but also their own people have taken up the chase.

Aletha is the key when the brothers must choose between the destruction of one civilization and the future of the Homeworld. What sacrifice are they willing to make to escape the violent passion that threatens to destroy all of them?

From the author: Please note that this book was originally released as “Gods of Chenoweth”. This title caused some confusion in regard to genre and so I changed it without changes to the story.


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