Happy Spring in Theory


Can someone please tell the weather that today is the first day of spring? My direct line to the elements seems to have been disconnected.

According to my phone, we are supposed to have flurries today. Flurries. Actually, it says it’s snowing right now, but my window and the bright blue sky beg to differ.

There was a thin, taunting layer of snow this morning when I got up, and it seems to have mostly disappeared, with white patches remaining to remind us who is boss.

It’s been a greedy, narcissistic winter, starting early and stepping on fall’s toes, hogging the spotlight and elbowing out spring. Watch out summer, it might be coming for you next.

And in case I think it’s all one elaborate joke, the extended forecast promises snow next week. Actual snow next week, when it’s very nearly April.

It’s enough already, winter. Take your bows and make a graceful exit while you still can. Now it’s just embarrassing.


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