How I Got More Water in My Life, No Bottles Needed


I’ve got kind of a confession to make, and before you judge me, no, I’m not proud. You see, for some time, I was drinking bottled water out of plastic bottles.

I know, I know, and not just a few here and there. Entire flats of them.

The water in my building has taken on a strongly chlorinated odor, and I just couldn’t deal with the smell or the taste. I tried one of those filtered pitchers, but the water would go stale, and I just wasn’t sure that the pitcher itself wasn’t harboring some type of evil microbial life.

And then I got one of those filters that goes right on the faucet. It was my Dad’s suggestion, he’s always full of ideas for useful little gadgets, and was silently and subtly disapproving of my water bottle habit.

It’s fantastic. It’s about the best thing ever. I tried one years ago, and the water squirted up from around the threading, spraying me and filtering nothing. They’ve come a long way since then.

It’s rare you have a problem and find a solution that solves it completely, but that’s what it did.

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