Frustration Is, Well, Frustrating


Yesterday, I was working on something I just couldn’t get right. Hours and hours and hours disappeared, up until I had to work out and get ready to leave, and no matter what I did, it wouldn’t come straight.

I left, and came back, and thought that maybe I’d start over, but that didn’t help either. I went to bed last night, exhausted and frustrated, and not necessarily any closer to solving my issue.

This morning, I’ve decided it to approach it methodically, scientifically. Take it apart bit by bit and then piece it together. Maybe it will help, maybe it won’t. Hopefully it will tell me where I went wrong.

It’s difficult when you keep trying something that will not be plied by your wit or lack thereof. That takes all your efforts and then looks at you and shrugs.

But sometimes things have to get done, and usually they have to be done by you. What else is there to do but do it?

So when I have the chance, when I’m finished with my blog and other writing I have to do, I’ll get back to that. And if you notice a little blood on my nose, don’t worry. It’s just from all that pressing against the grindstone.


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