Psych No More


So we said goodbye to Shawn and Gus of USA’s “Psych” last night in what had to be the most perfect possible ending to the show. If the show had to end. And someone said it did, so here we are.

Yes, it’s true, I would have loved to see it go on and on and on, decades of Shawn and Gus’ adventures, until they were solving mysteries at their kids’ colleges. But somehow I think that actors James Roday and Dule Hill might have other things to do.

How dare they.

There has been talk that we will see them again, and that seems totally reasonable, that every few years or so, they pop back up for a special. Maybe I’ll get my college episode yet.

But given that ending was my least favorite option among the bunch, it couldn’t have gotten better. As creator Steve Franks said on the “Psych Live After Pshow,” we really got the sense that the lives of these characters we’ve grown to love over eight years will continue. We just won’t get to watch.

And that’s so much better than a series finale that makes you avoid reruns when you see the syndication heading toward it.

Bye, “Psych,” and the people who made me laugh mysteriously, week after week. This pineapple’s for you.


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