Psych No More


So we said goodbye to Shawn and Gus of USA’s “Psych” last night in what had to be the most perfect possible ending to the show. If the show had to end. And someone said it did, so here we are.

Yes, it’s true, I would have loved to see it go on and on and on, decades of Shawn and Gus’ adventures, until they were solving mysteries at their kids’ colleges. But somehow I think that actors James Roday and Dule Hill might have other things to do.

How dare they.

There has been talk that we will see them again, and that seems totally reasonable, that every few years or so, they pop back up for a special. Maybe I’ll get my college episode yet.

But given that ending was my least favorite option among the bunch, it couldn’t have gotten better. As creator Steve Franks said on the “Psych Live After Pshow,” we really got the sense that the lives of these characters we’ve grown to love over eight years will continue. We just won’t get to watch.

And that’s so much better than a series finale that makes you avoid reruns when you see the syndication heading toward it.

Bye, “Psych,” and the people who made me laugh mysteriously, week after week. This pineapple’s for you.

Escape to Eden


It finally looks like spring, in that it’s gray and raining, and so I could use a little touch of Eden. Then again, I have a sinking feeling that it probably won’t turn out exactly like it sounds. I’m guessing trouble ahead. Luckily, that’s the characters’ problem, right?

EDEN (Eden Saga) by Dean Crawford. Amazon for $1.99. If the world fell apart overnight, what would you do to protect your family? When a horrific natural disaster causes the collapse of civilisation and strands Cody Ryan deep inside the Arctic Circle, he is forced to embark upon an impossible journey. Thousands of miles from home in a brutal new world where only the strongest will survive, Cody and his companions must conquer seemingly insurmountable odds in a search for their loved ones, the limits of their own humanity and the rumoured last refuge of mankind… Eden.


Praise for Dean Crawford’s Ethan Warner series:

“The fossilized remains of a 7,000-year-old creature dug from the sands of the Negev Desert in Israel become the bones of contention in Dean Crawford’s fast-paced debut thriller… The book neatly threads together a wild variety of plotlines.” Wall Street Journal

“Partly mythical read, part thriller this pacy tale is a page turner guaranteed to keep you up late.” The Sun

“A fast-paced and entertaining yarn.” Melbourne Age

“… cleverly introduced premise… assured pacing and plotting…” Publishers Weekly

“Get the cameras rolling—Indiana Jones meets Alien. What a combination of mystery, suspense, and unspeakable horror. I loved it!” R.L. Stine

“Earth-shattering intrigue, hyperdrive action and a desperate race to save humanity, cranked up to the max with scarily realistic science and apocalyptic religion thrown in for good measure . . . a major new talent has hit the mystery thriller scene!” Scott Mariani

“This is an amazingly good, intelligently told novel by an exciting new British author.” Eurocrime

Enter the Ghost House


How about a little spooky to get us over the Wednesday slump? Take a little trip to the Ghost House, a creepy place that might hold the key to murders…

The Ghost House by Helen Phifer. Amazon for $0.99. There’s not much that scares Annie Graham. Not even the horrors she has witnessed during her years on the police force.

When she agrees to look after her brother’s farmhouse, she finds herself drawn to the crumbling old mansion in the woods nearby. But an innocent exploration of the empty ruin and the discovery of the diary of former resident Alice leaves her more than a little spooked. She knows it holds the secrets to a dark past, and she has to find out more.

What was the terrible truth that Alice uncovered? And how could what happened to her over 100 years ago help solve the murders of young women in the town?

Annie needs to stop the serial killer before she becomes his next victim – but the past comes back to haunt her in ways she could never have expected.

Frustration Is, Well, Frustrating


Yesterday, I was working on something I just couldn’t get right. Hours and hours and hours disappeared, up until I had to work out and get ready to leave, and no matter what I did, it wouldn’t come straight.

I left, and came back, and thought that maybe I’d start over, but that didn’t help either. I went to bed last night, exhausted and frustrated, and not necessarily any closer to solving my issue.

This morning, I’ve decided it to approach it methodically, scientifically. Take it apart bit by bit and then piece it together. Maybe it will help, maybe it won’t. Hopefully it will tell me where I went wrong.

It’s difficult when you keep trying something that will not be plied by your wit or lack thereof. That takes all your efforts and then looks at you and shrugs.

But sometimes things have to get done, and usually they have to be done by you. What else is there to do but do it?

So when I have the chance, when I’m finished with my blog and other writing I have to do, I’ll get back to that. And if you notice a little blood on my nose, don’t worry. It’s just from all that pressing against the grindstone.

The Great Paradox and the Indies


Therin Knite is at it again with another Awesome Indie Book Roundup, and this one has a ton to offer, including five free books. And if you missed the first one on March 8, don’t despair, here’s the link.

It also features, among a bunch of fun options, a book of time-based ridiculousness by yours truly. Go check out the excellent company my book is keeping, and meanwhile, here’s a time paradox for you.


The Great Paradox and the Innies and Outies of Time Management
by Isa-Lee Wolf. Amazon for $2.99. Avoid the time paradox, they say. Paradoxes will rip apart the very essence of space and time, they warn.


It’s too late for that for Amber, a clerk at the Time Management Center, who spends her days filing time innies, outies and midlies. When she finds herself being hauled up the side of Mount Chicago, sprawled over the shoulder of a man she doesn’t know, she senses that something is off. Then again, it happened on the heels of one of her lowest days, a day she was relieved was over. Until it wasn’t. The Spokes, which should keep everything when it’s supposed to be, aren’t doing their job, and it doesn’t help that their coffee’s not so great either.

Even worse, the whirling cone of infinity is back in her kitchen, she keeps running into herself everywhere, and people are on to her about what she was doing—but shouldn’t have been doing—with her time files. For Amber, the Great Time Paradox is vastly overrated.

Loose & Lethal Dusty Deals Mystery Boxed Set Will Vanish into the Sunset


Huge bargain for this afternoon’s book, or should I say, boxed set. Well, I should, because it is. Get books 1-3 in the Dusty Deals mystery series for under a buck. There is a catch, though (isn’t there always?). It’s only available for a limited time. The description says a week, and I don’t know when the clock started. In other words, grab it fast.

Loose & Lethal: Dusty Deals Mystery Series Box Set: Books 1 – 3 by Rae Davies. Amazon for $0.99. On Sale for One Week – Only 99 Cents!

The first three Dusty Deals Mystery series novels in one box set. Read along in this fun cozy mystery series as amateur sleuth and antique store owner, Lucy Mathews, her Alaskan malamute, Kiska and a cast of quirky characters discover romance and murder in the mountains of Montana.

Loose Screw

Lucy Mathews, crime reporter turned antiques dealer, avoids confrontation like a home perm. She even lets a cat shove her around.

When Lucy trips over the body of a buckskin-clad relics trader, her ex-boss asks her to cover the story. She tries to tell him no, but old habits die hard and soon she finds herself directly in the path of a killer and the exasperating, if attractive, detective in charge.

Can Lucy catch a killer or is this the last confrontation for her—period?

Cut Loose

No one’s perfect.

At least that’s what Lucy Mathews tells herself. Except faced with her boyfriend’s rodeo queen ex-wife and perfectly trained Australian shepherd, she has to wonder if maybe this whole ‘no one’s perfect’ thing was made up by someone like…Lucy.

Lucky for Lucy though, things are hopping around Helena. It’s rodeo season, and she has a booth. It’s a great opportunity to expand her clientele and maybe even snag a cash prize for Kiska as the world’s first sheep herding malamute.

Except Kiska can’t herd, Lucy loses her wallet, and oh yeah…there’s that dead rodeo queen Lucy just stumbled over.

Good thing her boyfriend’s a detective. Except that’s not going so well either. A new detective is in town, and he’s convinced Lucy’s involved in the rodeo queen’s murder. Her boyfriend is no help at all and worse he’s spending a little too much time with his ex-wife.

Lucy finds herself out of money, out of love, and maybe this time, out of luck.

Loosey Goosey

You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. You can though move two thousand miles away and hope they don’t come to visit. Unfortunately, for Lucy Mathews that only works for so long.

Lucy has a perfect week planned. The kind of week that includes a romantic dinner with her cowboy detective boyfriend, big dollar sales to the visiting Beef Ranchers Association and their wives, and maybe a relaxing holiday weekend at home with her Alaskan malamute, Kiska.

What she doesn’t have planned is a visit from her animal activist brother, his pet goose, Pauline, and his neon yellow van.

Lucy’s plans quickly go to the birds. First, her date is interrupted by brother and goose. Second she discovers a dead body, under her brother’s van. Then, when her brother gets arrested for the murder, the worst thing imaginable happens, Lucy’s mother finds out.

Not only is Lucy is left in charge of babysitting the recalcitrant goose, but her mother is threatening to come to Montana herself to solve the murder. Lucy has no choice but to dive into the investigation, and find the real murderer before her brother is put away for good.

Watch for Let Loose, book 4 in the Dusty Deals Mystery series coming March 2014.

Fending Off Telemarketers, Not so Succesfully


So my cell phone rang with a number I didn’t recognize. Telemarketers. Again.

Yes, I’m on the Do Not Call registry, but it hardly seems to do any good. They call constantly, the robocallers and the computer voices. The woman who tells me I can lower my interest rate, and warns me it’s my final notice.

If it’s my final notice, why do you keep calling?

We know you, you people of the scam. There has to be a better way to do business than to hound people, endlessly, with calls you know they don’t want and probably won’t answer.

And it’s not as if the scam groups haven’t been prosecuted. Yet, like the snake oil salesmen of old, they pull up their tent stakes and move to the next town, where they can start getting the town riled up about trouble with a capital T that rhymes with P and that stands for pool. Wait, no, that’s the “Music Man.” But you get the idea.

Meanwhile, I’ve started a list of “do not answer” calls, so I can shuffle them off to voicemail as quickly as the phone rings. It’s still inconvenient. If only there was something that would stop them calling in the first place.

Barring a major asteroid, which might prove kind of inconvenient for the rest of us, I’m not holding out much hope.