Culture Explains the World


Blogging the letter C launched me into a tizzy of culture, as you can see from this morning’s post, and you’ll see this afternoon. The call of cultures, from broad to niche, is irresistible to me.

The thing is that culture is more than simply ethnicity or traditions. Culture is everywhere. There is a culture of the line at the grocery store, one that elicits glares at people with more than 15 items where they shouldn’t be, one that implies, but never says outright, that you should make room for the person waiting behind you, especially if they’re carrying their purchases.

There’s a culture to your neighborhood, whether you greet your neighbors or you don’t, whether you sit in the front yard or the back or anywhere you like. Even this A-to-Z Blogging Challenge forges a culture among participants, a temporary one, perhaps, but one nonetheless.

On any given day we are a member of and affected by dozens of cultures, and they aren’t simply limited to the color of our skin, or our religion or lack thereof, or our gender, or our geographical location or our age. It’s a wondrous way to view the world, because it means that, to some degree, we are connected with everyone through invisible cultural strands.

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