Extra Post for E


I don’t blog on the weekends, so E’s my extra post, which I like because it’s both true and a hair on the meta side. I’m a big fan of meta, which is why I recommend the show “The Neighbors.” Watch it now, it will be cancelled any second. It’s swimming in meta. It’s also hilariously weird, though none of those words were E words.

Eccentric. There you go.

That word always elicits, for me, a person with his cardigan buttoned wrong and one slipper and one shoe, but I think I may be off course here.

Extra can be an encumbrance, which is an excellent word, given that it’s plodding and elephantine. Or extra can be a bonus. I’m choosing to see these extra Saturday posts as a bonus, an additional chance to write whatever pops into my brain.

And my brain does tend toward excessive eruptions of imagination, you’ve got to put the release valve somewhere, or end up living in a fantasy world wearing your cardigan buttoned wrong and one shoe and one slipper.

Wait, what’s that I have on my feet? Just kidding. I don’t wear shoes in the house.

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12 thoughts on “Extra Post for E

  1. This extra post may have been somewhat of an encumbrance to you but it is by no means elephantine. I thought it was rather graceful, albeit in a sort of eccentric way 🙂 If I’m wearing a cardigan with button issues, it’s probably because I’m late but I never wear shoes on incorrect feet. That would be as mad as the thoughts in my head.


    • Aw, thanks! I think “Q” might be a little more of a challenge next week…but I’m right there with you with the mad thoughts. The best part about that is if you write them down in some sort of order, people call them books!


    • I lead a very glamorous life, urthwild. Full of glitz, flash and British TV marathons 😉 I do write on the weekends, just not my blog, whether a book or something else. I also do all the millions of other things that you have to do when you self publish. And did I mention the British TV marathons?

      Do you get most of your writing done on the weekends?


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