The Give of Gift


“Gift” is my G-word today, though settling on just one word was tough. G is the letter of generous, great, gregarious, goofy, genius, gorge, ginger, gene. And so many others. When you see it show up in Scrabble, you’re not disappointed.

But gift is a good, flexible word. It can mean the thing you give to someone, carefully choosing it in some cases, spotting it in the checkout line and deciding it will do in others. It can, like this morning’s book, refer to talents and abilities which we all know usually have two sides, in reality and fiction alike.

There’s a reason it’s a popular word for a title, because it tells us something before we’ve even begun. Gifts–the kind we give one another–are physical manifestations of thoughtfulness, something that’s not always easy to quantify. And lack of thought behind one can reveal exactly the opposite. They can show us how well we know, or don’t a person.

Gift runs the gamut from concrete to metaphorical, from abstract to sitting right in front of you. But like few words with so much range, you know exactly what it means.

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2 thoughts on “The Give of Gift

    • It’s totally true! You don’t really think about the two being closely related, because the sentiment behind them is so different, but they really can be used together. That’s seriously intriguing 🙂 I also love words and their subtle meanings.


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