Imagination Builds All


Imagination is the world inside of ourselves, the one over which we have complete control. We can color the sky and the sea, the trees and the flowers. Any thing is impossible, if we choose it. Anything is impossible if we say it is so.

Internally, imagination is magical, but something happens when have the opportunity to share it. When something existed only within the confines of your skull, but you can take that vision and make it real for someone else, it’s a feeling unique to itself.

You don’t have to be a writer to share your imagination, there are countless ways to do it. Artists do it though visual media, through paint and sculpture and other materials, and I envy their ability to do it all so directly. I’ve often wished I could paint.

But so do people who build things with their hands, they take an image in their heads and turn it into something tangible. Knitters, crafters, inventors. Anyone who makes something from what never was.

Imagination is the seed of progress. It is the essential ingredient of new.

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