Kudos for K


K is an interesting letter. It’s more of a supporting character than the star of the show. In some of the words it kicks off, you wouldn’t even know it’s there, like knee, or knife, or knoll or knot.

But pair it with a C, and you’re cracking. Even in “knickknack” a word with four Ks–never to see a Scrabble board even if you have both blanks–you only hear the Ks next to the Cs. Poor K.

There are amazing K words that do let the K shine. Karma. Kindness. Kiss. Kinship. And not-so-fun words like kill, though to be honest, killing fictionally can be kind of a good time. Especially if you don’t like the character.

But usually, when you hear a K, it’s stuck way a the back of the line. It’s OK, though, alphabetically speaking, someone’s got to take the heavy end of the sofa. And K handles it like a piece of cake.

K makes the best of its lot in in spelling. It gets invited nearly everywhere, even if it’s mostly as a plus-one. Some letters have all the luck.

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16 thoughts on “Kudos for K

  1. K was fun for me as there isn’t a k really in the Brazilian language, they added the letters K, W, and Y recently…any K words are generally English words that have creep into the language such as kite- surfing and kayaking. Although a lot of the Brazilian Native Indian tribes use K a lot.
    Loving the A to Z Challenge Maggie@expatbrazil.


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