Q’s the Quirkiest Letter Around


Writing this post for the letter Q, I realized something. If you look at a list of Q-words (I was perusing my thesaurus for further inspiration, not sure if I wanted to go with my original plan), Q, particularly lowercase Q (q) starts to look really weird. I mean really, really weird. Some might even say quirky, which was my choice for the day before looking at the thesaurus.

But trust me. Try it. You brain will keep adding a tail and making a g out of it.

Back to quirky.

It’s like offbeat’s fun cousin, something that has its own way of existing and likes it just fine. Quirky doesn’t go for conventional. Quirky knows how to get attention, wanted or otherwise. Quirky has a good time, no matter what it’s doing, and stands out from a crowd while doing it.

Also like offbeat, sometimes people use the word as a sugar-coated insult. Sometimes it comes out as though it’s something you shouldn’t want to be. Well, let me tell you, if we didn’t have our quirks, we’d all be robots. And not the Bender-from-Futurama-good-kind-of-robot, either. I’m talking the pile of bolts from the assembly line that isn’t powered by the consumption of beer.

Futurama’s a really good show. But I digress.

Quirkiness fuels our imaginations, it sparks the “what ifs” that sometimes others can’t see. It gives us a slightly different camera angle on the world, and that’s all you need for a whole new view.

Quirky reader? Try Aunty Ida’s Full-Service Mental Institution (by Invitation Only) and The Great Paradox and the Innies and Outies of Time Management.

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