Give it a Rest, R


It might be a strange pick for a Monday, but I’m choosing “rest” for R. It’s something we neglect, it’s something we put off, and it’s something we all need to keep doing what we need to do.

Yesterday, I did nearly nothing. I didn’t really work on my novel. I didn’t blog. I watched the “Cloneversation,” the pre-season two “Orphan Black” special, followed by the stunning premiere, with the intention of getting on with it afterward.

Afterward never came.

I felt as though I was sitting on a sofa made of molasses, my hand powerless over the on/off button on the remote. I caught up on some shows sitting on my DVR. And then I started watching a marathon of “Lindsay.” You know, the “docu-series” about Lindsay Lohan. I was a slug and it felt…


I can’t say that today I’m perfectly energized, because some Monday mornings are just like that and I’ve stopped with the cheat-code of alertness, caffeine, but I do have more space in my brain today. My mind was moving boxes while I watched Lindsay sorting through hers. No really. I think half the series is her unpacking. Or packing. Whichever.

When it’s your own brain that stops you dead, it’s only polite to ask it why. It’s probably telling you, you need to rest.

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15 thoughts on “Give it a Rest, R

  1. I had completely different expectations for ‘R’, weirdly! In my lexicon ‘give it a rest’ is the same as ‘knock it off”, ‘pack it in’ or just plain old ‘stop’. But then that’s just me 🙂

    Everyone needs a day to veg now and I hope you enjoyed yours. I must admit, I’m willing on z!


  2. Stacy Claflin

    A rest sounds good. 🙂 This month has worn me out between the A-Z challenge, camp Nanowrimo, and some other stuff going on too. Unfortunately, it’s only going to keep getting crazier! =/


    • How can you not be an Orphan Black fan?! I think humans are genetically predisposed toward it. Unless you are a clone…;)

      Yeah, I’m not so good at it, until I hit a day like yesterday when I basically have no choice.


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