Happy May


So today is the first of May. It’s also the first day after the end of the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge, and I am giddy with the possibilities. Mainly because as I write this post, I can use any letter I want. All of them, from beginning to end, if I choose. Although that sounds hard.

There have been some changes to the blog during the challenge, mainly because I reached a point when I realized that three posts a day plus Camp Nanowrimo was a taaaaad bit ambitious and likely to make me end the month less sane than I started it. So I’m not sure whether I’m going back to the previous format. Maybe I’ll be fluid about it. Why not?

I’ll save the deep realizations for the upcoming reflections post, but adaptation is good. I guess if it wasn’t good, species wouldn’t have been doing it for millennia, Which spell check is telling me isn’t a word. Even though I know it is. You can’t always trust spell check. It doesn’t always have the best vocabulary.

Vocabulary. I could have used that for V.

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