Is Spring a Thing?


Is it? Could it possibly be? Spring?

Yesterday my phone lied to me, told me it was a heady 79 degrees. I was skeptical, though, and just in case the temperature took a tumble, I grabbed my jacket on the way out of the door. Then my car told me it was 56. Fifty-six degrees.

I was glad I’d grabbed that jacket.

But today, my phone is telling me that it’s 72. Now we all already know that it is prone to slight exaggeration, or, in yesterday’s case, 20 degree exaggeration, but I’ve got to tell you, people out in in the blogosphere, it looks like it’s 72 degrees. The air looks warmer, the joggers aren’t bracing themselves against the wind. I think, for today, my phone might just be telling it like it is.

There’s a certain feeling when the weather changes, a sense of shedding something more than a heavy winter coat. And though the sky can’t seem to make up its mind, the trees look determined to push on with their leafy agenda.


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8 thoughts on “Is Spring a Thing?

  1. I like that image of the “leafy agenda”. The weather has gone crazy in my neck of the woods. We can be in the 90s for a couple of days, then down to the 60s for another couple. I don’t mind the hot days as long as there is a breeze.


  2. Spring does bring a sense of renewal. We had a couple of weeks of nice temperatures (off and on) but now we’re already in full-blown summer, pretty much. It goes from cold to hot and back again here in Nashville!


    • If we’re lucky, we get about 5 days of spring and 7 days of fall, but it’s often like there’s a switch here, too. This year, though, winter did not want to head to the off position!


  3. It’s low 80’s here and officially winter, so I’m told. I must admit to feeling much relieved, especially after my first tropical summer. Middle Eastern summers I’ve coped with fine. Australian Far North summers make me murderous.

    PS Sorry, I didn’t do an A-Z reflection and have neglected my blog scandalously…


    • I heard that Australia had horrendous heat this year, so hopefully it’s not usual?! Eighty in winter…seems like it should be illegal (take that, Florida!) So far this weekend it’s been great, fingers crossed it holds.

      Yes, you’ve been a very naughty blogger 😉 You are fun, and hilarious, and frankly you have a duty to amuse me.


  4. If it’s amusing you want, you should pop over and look at some of my spamming comments.

    ‘Peek elaborate to help significantly announced gratifying within you!’

    Pray tell, how does one do such a thing? Can you ‘gratify me within’ any day of the week, or does one have to make an appointment? And I’m all for peeking elaborately. In fact, I’m doing it right now…it’s all in the eyes.


    • I have no idea how you figured out that is spam! I mean, it sounds perfectly reasonable. Or perhaps it is a poem?

      I hear elaborate peeking is all the rage in Australia these days. Are they live on the site? I may have to pop in for some gratifying within.


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