It’s Not Procrastination. Unless It Is


OK, it’s not procrastination. I swear. It might look like procrastination, and it might sound like procrastination, but really it wasn’t.

I had to get the weather widget back on my phone.

You see, I’d taken it off because it wasn’t updating. The weather being what it is right now–which is changeable and arbitrary–I absolutely need to have it at my fingertips. And yes, you’re right, it’s technically at my fingertips in a myriad of ways, including going online on the phone itself to find it, but why do that when there’s supposed to be a widget?

So it took me an embarrassing amount of time to figure out how to get a widget, and not an app button, back where it belonged. And then it wouldn’t update again. So I downloaded some others, and now the widget expert that I’ve become, I tried them out.

I found one I liked better.

Incidentally, “widget” used to be a word that we used to stand in for nothing in particular. You talked about someone selling widgets for an example of whatever concept it was, usually contracts. Now a widget is an actual thing. How about that.

Anyway, I could try to turn this thing into a lesson on deviating from your set plan and ending up somewhere nicer than where you aimed to go, but I’ll ‘fess up.

It was procrastination. And you know what? I’d do it again.

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