A Universe of Inspiration and Not a Drop to Think


I’m having one of those blogging days. You bloggers know what I mean, we all have them from time to time.

Though we have an entire universe at our fingertips, perhaps several universes or even an infinite number of them, we just have nothing to say about them. Think about that. Billions upon billions upon billions of stars, and even more billions of planets, and not a hint of inspiration.

Seems crazy, right?

Even here on our own planet, Earth, things are chugging along or not chugging along, people are taking up a whole day of their lives, and here I sit unable to form a whole thought about any of it.

I blame the weather.

Not because it’s particularly good or particularly bad, but because the weather seems to be a perfectly innocuous thing to blame for anything and everything. Just ask the airlines.

So no deep insight from me today. No shallow insight, for that matter. And I will pay attention to the world around me and hope it inspires me tomorrow.

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