Writing Logjam Unjammed?


As you may know if you are a regular reader of this blog, I’ve been going through a writing rough patch. When you write, everything’s in your head, and sometimes, your head doesn’t want to cooperate.

Mine has really been digging its brainy heels in.

But yesterday, suddenly, it came to me what writing, at least fiction writing, is. You can create entire people out of nothing, create complete worlds at the hint of a whim. It’s an omnipotence that should make us giddy with our own power.

We make. We destroy. We can take the nagging, annoying bits of our own lives, push them into our imaginary worlds and twist them however we might like. We hold the ultimate control over our figments, we can change the world, if only the one at the end of the keyboard.

As long as the characters cooperate. But that’s another story.

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