My New Unproductive Method of Productivity


I’m having one of those days when my brain is thrilled to be focused on a task. As long as it’s not the task at hand. If I’m tidying, which I needed to do, I think I should be writing. Sitting down to write, I notice the things I should be tidying away.

Restless, I guess.

And not for any particular reason.. Still, I’m like one of those cats chasing a dot of light on the wall, utterly unsatisfied when I manage to catch it. Maybe it’s not restlessness, maybe it’s just very thorough procrastination.

Hopefully things will get done, if only in blips and drabs, in those moments before the urge to be taking care of something else takes hold. Even writing this, there was an irresistible pull to check my e-mail. And thoroughly read an ad. It seems, for today, productivity is doomed.

I’ll need to push through with the scatter method today, I guess. It always sounds better when you call it a method, don’t you think?

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