Just When I thought Paper Books were my one true love


So I have a confession, and it’s one I never thought I’d make. I’ve been a book lover from the time I first discovered the magic between two covers, before I could read them myself. I come from a family of readers. My place is crammed with books, it’s nearly impossible to cast your eye in any direction but out the window and not see some.

I have a stack of books that have patiently waited for me to read them. And yesterday, I plucked one of them, and settled down on the couch to read it.

It felt heavy. It was awkward in my hand, keeping it open as I read. The facing page, which once I viewed as my enticement to keep going, distracted me.

I wanted to read it electronically.

So with hope, I checked Amazon’s Kindle Matchbook program, to see if it was included (if you click the link, you can find out if any of the books you’ve purchased are eligible). It was not. Then came the moment of truth.

As an aside, the book is Margaret Atwood’s The Year of the FloodI own it in hardcover, from when she did a spectacular show/book tour for its release. I bought it in paperback to actually read, and I’ve been hoarding it like a treat to savor. And now I was contemplating buying it a third time to have it electronically.

“What the heck,” I thought. “At least she’s one of my favorite authors.”

It has happened. I actually preferred an electronic version over a paper book, enough to buy it again. The times, they are a’changin’.

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