I’m Sure Every Twitter Pun is Taken


Well, two years after signing up for Twitter, I’ve decided to try using it. I’m speeding toward the heady heights of double-digit followers. These are exciting times.

I can’t really tell you what my Twitter hesitation has been. It just seems like something other people do, something that’s happening out there. Well, now it’s here. I’m pretty sure I’m doing it wrong.

It’s funny how awkward new things feel at first. It’s a lot like trying to squeeze yourself into a zigzag box: all of the corners are in inconvenient places for your bendy-parts. And then you realize you’re looking at it wrong, you only have to turn the other way, and voilà!

Or, at least, I hope so.

I’m not afraid of new technology, but I do hate the phase when it’s cumbersome and unyielding. Maybe I don’t like not knowing how to do something right away. Maybe I’m not a fan of the learning curve. I want to be learned, darn it.

Anyway, feel free to point and laugh. Oh, and follow me on Twitter.

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8 thoughts on “I’m Sure Every Twitter Pun is Taken

      • Like anything, Facebook has its good and bad points. I’ve been on it so long, which I finally got on to do reunion stuff, that I overlook the bad points. But, I regularly check my privacy settings on my personal timeline. Someone told me that Facebook audience is different from Twitter audience, so therefore, it’s not enough for me to connect the two. I’m coming around to believing that. The question is how much energy am I willing to spend with Twitter. Now how did I get into such a monologue.


      • It’s never a monologue when there are two people talking 🙂

        That’s the thing, you could spend your whole life on various forms of social media. I’d like to think we could pick a few lanes and stick to them, but maybe that’s me wanting to be, you know, a writer, rather than a social media-er.

        I haven’t figured out the Twitter audience thing. Maybe tomorrow.


      • I don’t think I’ll go near face book, but I like the comment you made about being a writer, rather than a social media-er. I think you’ve just invented a new word. I should be writing now and, in a sense, I am, but I need to get on with the real thing. I”m also looking forward to reading your Full Service Mental Institution book. I like the title!


      • Oh, yay! I hope you enjoy it. I’m actually working on editing a sequel to it, that Aunty Ida is quite a taskmaster. And I’m glad you like made-up words, because you’re in for a slew of them 🙂

        I’ve been absolutely terrible lately about focusing on the real writing. There are so many distractions, and I feel like the attention it needs is so delicate and so easily broken. It’s always so much easier not to write than to write.


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