No Noise is Good Noise


There’s been construction on my building for months now as they’re working on the facade. After the initial few weeks, the noise lessened, with the occasional echo of a hammer hitting concrete or the brief sound of a drill, which would quickly stop.

Well, not so much today. I think they’ve gotten to the point of shaping the concrete, of smoothing it to make it all blend in. The result is a dull, low whine, not unlike a morose dog so resigned to his position that he’s now only whining to register his resentment.

In other words, it’s a tad bit distracting.

I’ve gotten good at tuning out the other noises, the clinking and the rumbling and the like, but for some reason, this sound is one that lingers. It makes me want to give the imaginary dog a pat and a treat and tell him it will all be OK.

It isn’t, you can imagine, the best thing in the world for writing, being fixated on the complaints of a non-existent dog. But then again, I am in a place where, it seems, any distraction will do. Just look at me and Twitter.

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