Oh Kindle My Kindle


So I talked my dad into getting a Kindle Paperwhite. This isn’t one of those stories about someone who’s older fearing or disliking technology: my dad’s my IT guy. If you name a gadget, he’s had it, and he’s probably fixed it, too.

No, the thing is he was reading on a tablet. And while you can read on a tablet with the free software, it’s just not the same as a Kindle. A Kindle is specifically for reading, designed for readers. The e-ink is incredibly easy to see; without back-lighting, there’s no eyestrain. The device doesn’t remind you that you have other things you should be doing. Its only job is to bring books to you, as many as you’d like, as soon as you want them.

I think I might be a little in love with my Kindle, but that’s a problem for another day.

He hadn’t been reading a lot recently, and I was convinced that a Kindle would fix the things that had gotten in his way. I was utterly right. He compares it to a magic portal, where there’s nothing between you and the story, and I think he’snailed it.

It’s incredible, that switch that happens in the brain without even knowing it was flipped. One day you prefer paper books. The next, you can’t read them, and they have to be electronic.

And now I want to upgrade my old, perfectly functional Kindle for a Paperwhite. Oh, technology.

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