Get Cozy with Her Cousin, Much Removed


I haven’t plugged one of my books in a while, so today’s as good a day as any. I love the term “cozy mystery,” it makes murder sound so warm and fuzzy. I’m pretty sure Venetia Shipman doesn’t feel that way, though she may not be all that sorry her cousin, Delenda O’Brien is dead…

Her Cousin, Much Removed by I. L, Wolf. Amazon for $2.99. When Venetia Shipman quit practicing law and took up urban gardening, she thought she had nothing ahead but calm days watering plants. Then someone murdered her cousin(ish), Delenda O’Brien.

So much for that.

Turns out Delenda had some plans of her own for Venetia, none of them good. Now Venetia’s in it up to her eyeballs thanks to her, and, to make it all worse, Delenda died without even returning Venetia’s platter. Now she may never get it back.

Detective Cadby James is on the case, and while he may not be too bad looking, Venetia isn’t so sure he can solve the murder without her help. Whether he wants it or not.

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