Borrowing eBooks is Addictive


I may have over-borrowed ebooks from the library. Hmm. Strike that, I definitely over-borrowed ebooks from the library.

When I first got my Kindle, I wasn’t able to put library books on it. Besides, the library didn’t have much to offer then. Well, that’s changed.

It’s like discovering the magic of a library all over again, only better. I can sit on my couch and browse books. If I put something on hold, and it becomes available, I don’t have to go down to my local branch to pick it up.

I took out a book on the 4th of July. That’s a hair shy of miraculous.

Unfortunately, though, the pull is great. It’s not like I have to lug them all back again, awkward ballast in my Chicago Public Library tote. Nope, they all weigh absolutely nothing, all nestled in my Kindle until my time runs out or I finish them, whatever happens first. I don’t have to hold them as I browse, the hard covers digging into my arms as the load gets heavier.

So I possibly, perhaps have more books right now than I can read before they expire., Does it matter, though? The magic of the internet as the most convenient return box of all.

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