Should I Read or Should I Go?


Well, I fought the library clock and the library clock won. I took out maybe a few too many ebooks from the Chicago Public Library, and Amazon e-mailed me to warn me I only had a few days left on the loans. And, sadly, I started reading Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84, in which, my Kindle phone app cheerfully tells me, I’m on page 64 of 925. I hope that means phone pages.

So even if I read as though I would win the lottery by hitting magic page 925, I probably am not going to finish it before it goes back. It or the other three books due at the same time.

Darn it.

Amazon also let me know I could purchase the book, which is both helpful and potentially expensive. Especially with the number of books I have with due dates looming. I also have the opportunity to renew, which then puts me in an interesting position.

If I renew the Murakami, it will probably be the only book I read for the next three weeks, and I have some of my quick-read favorite authors waiting patiently on my Kindle. And I’ll confess something about Murakami: his writing is completely gorgeous, but most of the time, I have no idea what the story actually means.

I guess it will be an abandoned book. At least for now.

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