August Thoughts


Goodbye July and hello August. August is a month with a character all of its own. It’s still summer, but the stores are packed with fresh notebooks (there’s nothing more irresistible to me than a brand-new notebook, its pages empty and full of promise), pens and boxes of crayons with upright posture. School hasn’t started, but it’s right around the corner.

Sometimes in August, at night, you can feel the early tendrils of fall, tugging us toward more serious mindsets and away from lazy summer thoughts. But August is summer, real summer. Sometimes it makes you swelter and just laughs. Sometimes, like today, the weather is perfect and you think about the coming cold.

August can be angry, with roaring, rolling thunderstorms, the rain driving as though from a faucet, the lightning awakening the entire sky. A strange, hot wind might blow under swirling gray clouds, and you remember that this planet’s will is so much bigger than our own.

It often gets overlooked, with eyes ahead on what’s to come as schedules tighten in September, but it’s not a month to rush past, it’s not a holding place on the way to something else. Ignore that school supply aisle. It’s not autumn yet.

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10 thoughts on “August Thoughts

  1. sloopjonb

    August for the people and their favourite islands.
    Daily the steamers sidle up to meet
    The effusive welcome of the pier, and soon
    The luxuriant life of the steep stone valleys
    The sallow oval faces of the city
    Begot in passion or good-natured habit
    Are caught by waiting coaches, or laid bare
    Beside the undiscriminating sea.


      • Jon

        And, of course, the one that got through lacked the attrib. to Auden! And I wouldn’t mind being spammed by poetry ….


      • Jon

        Ah, you mean
        Assembling a collection of random prose
        And then not
        Lining it up at the right hand edge
        Add cod philosophy to taste
        Stir in some shallow sentiment
        And serve in a slim volume.


      • Nope. Because that’s actually pretty good, and I like free form poetry. I mean:

        Hmm. I can’t do it. I physically cannot butcher the meter in the appropriate way. OK, let me try it again:

        If you want something to rhyme
        When you are writing a poem
        Don’t try to squish all the words in in time
        Or drag syllables out for the tone.

        You can actually see the baby falling.


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