Dealing with Slow Brain Days


So as I said last week, this week I’ll be launching a contest, complete with a prize, relating to Aunty Ida. And along with that, there will be a big Aunty Ida reveal! So come back, you just may win something.

I had a bit of a slow period last week, and it was tough to focus on my work. Some of it was uncontrollable and external, with construction noise and then the overwhelming din of the Blue Angels. But some of it was just me. When everything comes out of your head, it’s tough when your head is acting more like a doorstop than a doorway.

So what do you do?

Of course, if I knew the answer to that, I’d be the most productive person on the planet. For me, it depends. If it’s an external issue, you can try to cope with it as best as you can–earplugs, music, change of scenery–and get on with it. But when it’s an uncooperative self, it’s trickier.

I at least try to get the non-negotiables out of the way, and sometimes just that little bit of forward motion is all it takes to get you going. And other times, when you’ve finished them, the rest still seems unlikely.

Now and then, your brain is telling you it needs a chance to regroup, it needs a little time to be blank, and to let things percolate. And other times, you’re just feeling plain lazy, which may just be a more indulgent version of the first one.

When things really aren’t working, take a break. If it’s really, at its heart, procrastination, start doing something that needs to be done that you want to do less. You’ll be back, full of ideas, to the first thing before you know it.

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