What if You Don’t Feel Like Writing?


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So one of the problems with writing is that it’s one of those things that seems impossible to do if you just don’t feel like it. It requires the full attention of your brain, and if your brain is somewhere else, the blinking cursor can feel impossible to tame.

You can give yourself a break, sure, but at some point, you are giving yourself so many breaks you’re not doing a whole lot of writing. So then what?

Writing is a discipline, and like any discipline, it means keeping at it even when it’s not what you feel like doing. When you’re serious about something, you have to assume that it will involve work; writing is no exception. Great words, but what good do they do practically?

You have to decide, on any given day, if you are going to write. And then, despite the other things going on, despite the interference of life and all the things that come with it, you have to sit down and do it. If your fingers aren’t on the keyboard, the work never gets finished.

And no, I don’t always take my advice.

When I am really having problems with focus, I set a timer. You can do anything for a discrete amount of time; usually when it goes off, I want to keep going. But the thing is, with writing, no one can do it for you. Either you get it done or you don’t.

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