My Cloud’s Silver Lining


So today’s a good news and bad news kind of day. The good news is that, because of the rain, the incessant noise of the work on the facade has stopped for the day. I have beautiful, wonderful quiet.

The bad news is that my brain doesn’t know what to do with it. I think it’s so happy not have to keep processing the sound in the background that it has packed it up and told me it refuses to work as it luxuriates in the silence. Well, I have news for you, brain. Luxuriating isn’t for Wednesdays.

Is it possible that quiet can become too quiet? I wouldn’t think so, but here I am, wanting to do nothing other than watch the weather outside the window. Not what I’d call the height of productivity.

There’s something about a rainy morning that makes you want to curl up in a blanket and go back to sleep, but that’s not exactly the best idea, not when there are things to do, blogs, ahem, to write, books to edit.

So I will refuse delivery of that bad news and mark it “Return to Sender.” It’s time, brain, to step up and take the day.

Have a minute? Watch this video.

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