Social Media Surprise


So I got a truly wonderful surprise yesterday. Jon, over at SloopJonB made me a lovely poster about my books:

Keep Calm ILWApparently, there was something going around Facebook about your favorite writers (I’m not sure what, I am a terrible Facebooker), and Jon chose to make a poster about me! How nice is that? You may notice it up there on the left, where it’s found a comfy new home, and it just may show up elsewhere, as well.

So go read Jon’s blog, it’s a great read, follow him on Twitter, because he’s clearly one of the nicest humans on Earth, and really, how many of those could there really be? You kind of owe it to science.

I’m a social media skeptic at heart, if I’m truly being honest, but Jon is proof of the good things it can bring. I let my Twitter account language for years until this summer, when I decided to really give it a shot, and, in a surprise twist, I actually like it. I met Jon through Twitter, and he became a reader, then a friend, and now a beautiful poster-maker. I never would have expected that from 140 characters or fewer.

There are many small things to try in this mushy thing we call life, and some work out exactly as expected, and some don’t. But if you don’t try them, you’ll never know what you might have missed.


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