Where Are the Inspiration Imps When You Need Them?


I’m having one of those uninspired moments about, well, everything. Perhaps it is the change of seasons; perhaps it’s the idea that that icy-white specter of winter looms just weeks away. Or maybe it’s the side-effect of caffeine deprivation.

It’s probably the caffeine deprivation. Sometimes I really miss it.

Whatever it is, today there is a wall between me and that creative part of my brain, and no matter how I knock, it’s not answering. Why would it? It’s probably off doing something creative. I only wish it had invited me.

But here’s the thing. Inspiration or no inspiration, drive or no drive, caffeine or no caffeine, I’m plowing ahead. Creative work doesn’t get done if you wait for the Inspiration Imps to gild your path with feathery motivation. Inspiration Imps are notoriously unreliable.

It’s an imp thing.

No, the work grows and shapes and breathes precisely because of those times when the imps are frolicking without their cell phones in some inaccessible area. That is when you have to roll up your sleeves and face the keyboard. Well, you don’t literally have to roll up your sleeves, because it’s not like they are going to get dirty or wet, and if they are, then you have some computer maintenance issues.

But the point still stands. Imps or no imps, onward I go.

Have a minute? Watch this video.

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