Taking Control of Distractions


Well, the batteries died in the noise cancelling headphones, and though I have other batteries of all sizes and descriptions, I do not have any more triple A’s. My kingdom for a triple A, (such that it is. Actually, I need three of them. And my kingdom is probably worth exactly that amount, so it’s a fair exchange rate).

I’ve been grappling with the issue of distractions this year, mainly because I’ve been grappling with distractions this year, and I’ve learned how draining constant, loud, uncontrollable noise can be, as it seems part of your brain is always busy taking it in. I’ve also learned methods to cope, like the earplugs, currently snugly situated in my ears, the noise cancelling headphones, which would be much more helpful if the batteries were still on this side of the mortal veil, and good, old fashioned determination to live true to the venerated, ancient saying: “La la la, I can’t hear you.”

We can’t control our environment all the time, no matter what science fiction told us should be happening in the year 2014. Sometimes you have to just find a way to deal with it. The distractions aren’t what’s important; it’s the work. And one way or another, its got to get done.

Sometimes you just have to do it with ridiculous bits of florescent orange foam in your ears.

Have a minute? Watch this video.

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