NaNoWriMoing Away


So as we make our way through this first week of NaNoWriMo, the reality that you’ve got to plug away at your words, every single day, is probably sinking in. And it can get tiring. Just the thought of it can get tiring.

I’m finding it tiring.

But, on the other hand, I think it is great training. You can’t get through NaNo without discipline, without making squeezing in your words, however you do that, a non-negotiable. And that’s where you really get the sense of writing with a purpose.

Here’s the thing: inspiration is so fleeting. It’s there and its gone and it’s slippery as it’s going by. When you have that rush, it’s fantastic, but when it comes to writing, you can’t always depend on that rush. Mood is the same thing. Sometimes the mood strikes where all you want is your computer, a surface, and a big block of time to make your fictional world grow.

Those things are luxuries. They are wonderful, sublime, even, when they happen, but most of the work of producing a book isn’t like that. Most of it is work.

NaNo is a fun way to really see inside the world of producing creatively, as it doesn’t allow you, really, to put it down when the feeling passes. In order to finish, you have to stick with it, no matter how you feel about it, no matter whether you think its good or terrible or somewhere in between.

But here’s the best part about it. Unless you’re running on a very, very outdated tablet, nothing you write is written in stone. So go for it. Push yourself. Write through the parts that feel scratchy, uncomfortable. At the end you’ll have something you can can work with, and isn’t that the point?

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