Well, NaNoWriMo Brought It


I admit it. I had one of my tougher days of writing so far yesterday. I couldn’t get started, and then, finally, when I did, it was wading through sludge I didn’t know my brain possessed. I really should get someone in there to clean that all out.

But I trudged through, waist-deep in it (my shoes are a wreck) only to get to a point, right at the end, where Something Finally Happened. Hallelujah.

Part of me wanted to skip yesterday. Part of me figured, hey, my word count is pretty good at this point, I can take a day off. And then I heard from a friend doing NaNoWriMo who had been struggling all week. I’ve had a lot of words for that friend about slogging through.

He’d had a fantastic writing day.

Talk about positive peer pressure. I couldn’t, after all my going on about sticking with it, putting in the time regardless of mood (anyone remember yesterday? Anyone?) skip the day because of, well, mood. So I did what I always do when the work does whatever the opposite of “beckons” is. I sat down. I got my fingers ready. And I hit “start” on the timer.

And after writing the aforementioned schlock, after trying to make something, anything spark, finally, near the end of the session, something hit. Setting me up for a more peaceful pick-up today.

With writing, there are up days and down days, and the down ones can really get to you. But you never know when a down one will turn itself around, and you’ll make it into that imaginary world after all.

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