Someone Else on My Blog is Feeling Pretty!


So last week I revealed that someone got a bit of a nip-tuck, which happened while I was commissioning art for the Aunty Ida sequel. And after I got that beautiful artwork, I sent Ralf Jürgen Kraft, the artist, the finished cover.

He had a few suggestions. And they were gorgeous.

In all that, someone got a little bit left out. And I didn’t want anyone to feel left out, so Aunty Ida’s Full-Service Mental Institution (by Invitation Only) got a bit of a sprucer as well. I can’t believe I’ve managed not to share this for so long, but I wanted to save it until I was ready to show you the cover for the new book. Well, we’re nearly there, so here is Aunty Ida, all refreshed:
The cover isn’t live yet on Amazon, that might take a day or two, but I couldn’t stand to keep it to myself even a little longer. I think that it shows a very valuable lesson: leave the arting to the artists.
I was lucky to find Ralf, who really gets my quirky, offbeat, slightly unsettling and kind of weird aesthetic. Of course the first piece I bought from him, the image in the cover above, pretty much summed up the book, and that was as stock art. Now I have him to specifically brainstorm for the book itself.
Wait until you see the sequel cover. It’s amazing.
I am sure there are authors out there who get it right out of the gate, but for me, this cover business has been quite a process, mostly trial and error. Hopefully, now, I’ve finally got it.
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