Being Decaffeinated


What I wouldn’t give for a cup of coffee right now. Alas, caffeine and I aren’t on speaking terms. Though I know that in reality it makes me a shaky, anxious mess, in my head it is is a golden elixir, liquid from the gods imbued with the magical power of focus.

And it’s true, for a few hours. Until the other symptoms kick in. Then it’s less of a gift, more of a curse, and once it’s there, it’s there.


Oh well. All that means is I get the opportunity to draw upon my moral fortitude to get through the list that seems to be getting longer each time I look at it. Actually, it is getting longer each time I look at it, because I keep writing things on it. Funny how that works.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m having one of my grindy days, the kind where tasks seem larger and my desire to complete them much, much lower than the minimum threshold required. The caffeine would give me that extra boost, the hands clasped together so I can step into them and haul myself over the fence of my to-dos.

But caffeine doesn’t clasp its hand together for me anymore. Or if it does, it sends me flying over, crashing hard on the other side.

Huh. That was kind of an odd metaphor, but I really liked it in the end. My unfocused brain comes up with some interesting stuff.

Maybe one of the ways to get going is just to get going. Inertia and all that. Glance at the list, pick a task, and jump in, because before you know it, you’ll be finished.

And here’s “blog post,” done and ready to be crossed off. That’s almost as satisfying as caffeine.


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