Surprise! It’s Monday


Monday kind of surprised me this week. I mean, generally, it’s right here after Sunday, but Sunday was a blur of errands and snow that wasn’t supposed to be much of anything but changed its mind. Next thing you know, it’s gone, and the week has begun.


It’s a strange feeling, when the week sets out without you. It’s an unbalanced mix of “Wait for me!” and “Go ahead, I’ll catch up. Maybe.”

On the plus side, it’s a federal holiday, so plenty of people have a three-day weekend. Everything’s a little slower today, including, apparently me. But I have writing to do.

And I haven’t figured out yet how to get it to write itself. Which is too bad. Because that would be awesome, and would really increase my productivity.

Who’s with me? Yes? No? Fine. Then I guess I get to keep all the invention money after I invent the thingy that does all work. Now all I have to do is invent the thingy that does all the work.

Or, you know, write. They’re both viable options.

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