The Draw of Another Country


I have an overwhelming desire to get out of the country. Not because I’m going on the lam, dodging the authorities hot on my heels, mostly because there aren’t even authorities lukewarm on my heels, unless taking a really long time to return a Netflix rental counts.

No, it may be because I want to experience something different. It may be because there is so much to see out there in the world. And it may be because Chicago is currently colder than ice in a literal sense. It’s probably mostly the last one, but still, the other ones count.

Sadly, international travel isn’t exactly free, and if anyone tells you it could be, immediately check your body and your surroundings for illegal substances. Nope, if you want to see another country while bypassing the personal tour of its legal system, you’ve got to have the funds.

Alas, at the moment I do not.

It doesn’t help that I’m not the travel-with-a-backpack type. My basic necessities aren’t everyone’s basic necessities, which means my budget has to allow. Still, it’s nice to think about all the places in the world just waiting with new experiences.

Right now, the fantasies run toward the warmer places on the planet, though I can’t imagine why. Oh right. That whole trying to remember what it’s like when the air isn’t painful thing. But they don’t always.

Still, on a chilly winter day, it’s fun to imagine jetting off to a place where the shining sun actually means it’s warm outside, where you don’t need a coat and a hat and gloves. Where everything isn’t covered in ice in some form or another.

Yep, winter in Chicago is an endless beast. Let’s hope spring stops taking its time. Or that my travel budget gets much fatter. I’ll take either one.

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