Acute Lack of Funny


Some days you just don’t feel funny. I’m having one of those days, which is problematic, given that I have to write a sketch for my final class, and the focus of the class is, well, comedy.


Better find the funny somewhere. When your area is humor, it can be a strange place. It’s delicate, and it’s one of those things that if you stare at it too hard, it melts away. You can wonder and fear that it will never strike again, that you’ve used up all your funny, that it’s nothing but serious angsty drama bits from here on in.

Though, actually, I bet if I tried serious and angsty, it would come out sounding hilarious. And not deliberately. Maybe that’s what I should hope for today.

Accidental humor.

I think my problem is the basic idea for the sketch. I have some I haven’t yet used, but for some reason, I want something entirely new, something I haven’t really considered yet. Why, you ask? Apparently to make my life harder.

I may settle into some of the idea-generating techniques we learned, I might as well make this final assignment more like a final exam. That’s actually not a bad idea. Make sure I get my money’s worth.

Oh well. However it happens, I should probably stop writing about it and just, you know, write it. Because at some point, this post stops being a post and starts being procrastination. Not now, of course. At some point.

Yes, yes yes, I’m going.

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