How Do I Spring Clean My Brain?


Today I am trying to draw from my word reserves, but it seems as though I only have a tangle in my head. Incomplete sentences; incomplete thoughts.

There they are, scattered, fragments, bits, jumbles of parts that don’t feel as though they go together. I need a giant sifter, something that can help sort out the dust that seems to cover everything up there.

My brain needs a spring cleaning.

I wonder how you do that for a brain. It’s not as though you can haul out the vacuum cleaner and get at it through an ear. In fact, I would recommend very strongly against trying this method.

They don’t make brain Swiffers. There is no spray, polish or microfiber that can get in there and clean out all of the crumbs. So what can you do?

There’s meditation, of course, and that’s probably why it was invented, to give the mind a good deep cleaning. And I could give it a shot, only I suspect that within about three minutes, I’ll be deep sleeping instead of deep cleaning.

And that’s the other thing that’s supposed to do it: sleeping. Dreams. They’re supposed to help cleanse the brain of all that unnecessary clutter. Only my dreams themselves have been cluttered lately, brimming with activity, packed with people I’ve never met, crowded with stuff.

I think I need a dream rummage sale.

I wonder how you go about organizing one of those. I mean how do you price things when money in dreams can easily come in units of dragons? How many dragons do I need?

See what I mean about the crowded brain?

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