Bloggy Thoughts on Blogging


Off to a slow start today, and not for any particular reason, either. Just one of those mornings. The noise isn’t unbearable, it’s not especially nice out, not in the way that would be distracting, and it’s not ugly out, at least not yet. No doubt it will be later.

I guess my mind is far and away, off on other things, non-bloggy things, and while I’m trying to reel it back in, it whirs to itself, determined to focus on what it wants.

Fine. Who needs it, anyway?

Blogging is such a funny thing. It’s not a lot of words, not the posts I write, anyway. I know some of you go for more lengthy, and those are fun to read but not really my style to write. It’s just a quick window into what’s going on, into thoughts on writing or reading or the world as a whole.

And yet some days, it’s a challenge to write something. Everything is like that, I suppose; there are times when it seems like the easiest thing in the world to do, and then other times when it’s definitely not.  But I think because blogging, at its core, tends to be personal, how it feels on a day-to-day basis, well, depends on the person.

Very deep. I know. Philosophical gold happening here, all while the whirring part of my brain is telling me it’s time to move on, time to get to the next thing. Doesn’t it know I’m busy here changing the world?

OK, maybe not changing the world. But like every other blogger out there, I am putting something out into the world, something that didn’t exist before, and that’s pretty cool.

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