The Noise Got Me So Discombobulated I Forgot a Title!


100_8836Well, it’s back. Not the sun, not the warm weather, not “Call the Midwife,” though it actually is. Nope.

The drilling.

I knew it was coming, and I knew it would be much worse for me this year, it’s going to be close enough to feel. It’s already getting pretty reverberating in here. It’s time for Plan B. Or C. Or D. Or to get the heck out, since I’m not sure any of the above will work.

I’ve got my handy-dandy noise-cancelling headphones on, but I’ve got to say that they don’t seem to be doing a whole lot of cancelling. Maybe it is noise that cannot be dulled Maybe it’s the vibration which makes it impossible to tune out the sound itself.

I think I may have to go somewhere. Where, I’m not exactly sure, the coffee shop of my previous adventure is no more. And, of course, if you go somewhere like that, you have to buy something, which really isn’t on my agenda for the day.

There is always my branch library, but I have some reservations. Largely in the shape of the theft of my umbrella there several years ago. My umbrella. It vanished, never to be seen again. I’m reticent to find out what would happen with a computer. It might disappear directly in front of my eyes, you never know.

So back to the noise-cancelling headphones and classical music. Maybe the drilling won’t be this loud and insistent all day, maybe it’s just in a location that is especially prone to sending the noise my way. And they have to take a lunch, right?


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