B is for Bad (Ideas)


So I thought I’d be creative this morning with my B post, and instead of taking the first B word I could think of (no, not that one), “books,” which is a pretty obvious choice, given that stack of them over in the sidebar, I thought I’d do something different.

“What’s that?” you ask, hypothetical reader. Oh, hypothetical reader, I can always count on you to get the job done.

“And did you have to start with such a long run-on sentence?”

Hypothetical reader, that is a question too far.

Anyway, I decided to grab my trusty thesaurus, which is always within grabbing distance, to choose a random word from the B area. When you no longer have paper dictionaries, a thesaurus has to do the job. So I zeroed in on the Bs after a few C mishaps. And what was the new, exotic B word I found?


That’s OK, I told myself. I’ll do it again. One more C word later, and I came up with “bang.” That’s right. The entry four words down from “band.”

Yep, it turned out to be a bad idea. Not exactly as inspiring as I had hoped, although on the other hand, it did spark this post, so that’s something.

It’s funny how we never know how something is going to turn out until we try it. OK, that’s not entirely true, there are some things where the outcome is pretty clear, like helping a Nigerian prince with his cash-flow problems,  or the reunion show of “Real Housewives of” anywhere. (I love the reunion shows. Best part).

But even when it doesn’t work, like my bad idea today, you can still get something out of it, like my bad idea post today. Silver linings all around.

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10 thoughts on “B is for Bad (Ideas)

  1. Hmm “band’ would have left me just rattling off a plethora of bands I like, so that wouldn’t have likely been very enjoyable for hypothetical readers. Or maybe it would expand their music palate. Who’s to say.

    Even though it was deemed a bad idea for this specific purpose, I think having a thesaurus around is a great idea! I use thesaurus.com a lot! Love it 🙂

    Maybe you used one of those “C” words for today’s entry? I’m about to find out…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, unfortunately I had a far more annoying inspiration today 😉

      Band names would have been a problem, because as soon as I tried to think of them, I’d forget every band I’ve ever heard!


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