D is for Day (All)


So the parenthetical kick continues. A bit tortured? Perhaps. But “day, all” is how long it would take me to write this post if I didn’t just sit down and write it. Yep, I’m making a confession here.

My name is Isa-Lee Wolf and I’m a procrastinator.

Every task I need to complete ends up turning to water and filling the time I have to finish it. Today is Saturday. Today, my brain tells me, I have all day to get my blog post done. So, my brain reasons, why not take all day to do it?

See how easy that is?

I’m pretty sure that procrastination is genetic, somewhere in my long chain of base pairs, there’s a combo that tells me, “don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of time.” That combo is a liar who feeds on last-minute adrenaline and refuses to do anything without a deadline. Stupid combo.

Don’t shake your heads at me, hypothetical non-procrastinators. If you exist, that is. I believe more strongly in Nessie, Bigfoot and relationships forged on “The Bachelor” than I do non-procrastinators. Even hypothetical ones.

But in case you are hypothetically out there, hypothetical non-procrastinator, it is not fair to judge. For some of us, 90% of a task is sitting down to do the task. You know. Because of that mythical, magical place called “later” where everything gets done.

Wait, what’s that, hypothetical non-procrastinator? You’re crossing things off your to-do list right now? You stop that! You stop that immediately or I’ll…I’ll…hmm. I’m sure I’ll think of something later.

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