E is for Early (Bird)


I’m still parentheticalizing, it’s kind of fun. Oh, who am I kidding, it’s really fun. Yes, I should probably get some hobbies.

Anyway, we’re already up to E, and you know what they say about early birds and worms. Although, I have to say, as a non-bird entity, the worm doesn’t sound like much of a prize. I think “The early bird gets the reasonably-priced mid-sized car with a back-up camera” has a much better ring to it, but these days you rarely see birds on the road.

They seem to prefer public transportation. Not sure how many worms they’re getting when they have to transfer twice to get where they’re going, but birds, in general seem plucky. And I have digressed yet again.

Anyway, the benefit for early-birddom for me is the chance to write before the drills take their first bite of concrete, before I can here those eerie voices floating outside.

Before I have to double the headphones and the earplugs. Before the whole place starts to shake, I have my nice window of quiet.

There was at least one drill already, so the window is closing, alas. Oh well, like any good bird, I shall adapt. And maybe fly off somewhere. Wait. Strike that. My wings are at the cleaners.

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